Short Term Rentals – New Proposal

City Council has been reviewing the Short Term Rental Ordinance results that went into effect on 01/01/2019. We have heard dozens of applications and vetted each one individually. Having the year and a half experience of individually approving each application has been (in my view) an added value to how we regulate this popular trend of short term rentals in residential districts in our city. As a result of this process Councilman Wood and Councilman Jones have proposed a change to the current Short Term Rental Ordinance that would remove the Conditional Use Permit process. It would create Overlay districts where STR's that exist in these overlays would be considered by-right and not require a public hearing or Council approval to operate. Locations outside of these districts would not be permitted to operate. Council will meet tomorrow to vote on referring this item back to Planning Commission. I am eager to hear your feedback on this proposal and can read full details in the link.