Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy

This month, City Council adopted the Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy into the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan. I have long been an advocate of a more comprehensive, long-term flooding mitigation plan for the city and I am excited that an overarching strategy has been formulated. Future flooding events will have wide-ranging impacts on our infrastructure, … Continue reading Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy

Convention & Visitors Bureau Task Force

This past Council meeting, we were briefed about the Convention & Visitors Bureau. In our Council retreat meeting in February earlier this year, we received an analysis for recommendations for the management of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, which included the establishment of a Community Task Force. The purpose of this group is to evaluate … Continue reading Convention & Visitors Bureau Task Force

Patrick Duhaney: New City Manager of Virginia Beach

City Council has just voted to appoint Patrick Duhaney as the next City Manager of Virginia Beach, effective July 20th. After our past city manager’s resignation, we as a City Council delved into several discussions about what we’d like to see in our next city manager - integrity, trustworthiness, and competence. We conducted a national … Continue reading Patrick Duhaney: New City Manager of Virginia Beach

We’re all in this together.

With all of what’s been happening worldwide, those of us with young children know that eventually they will be exposed to current events - even those that are difficult to confront or explain. We also understand that it is our responsibility as parents to teach them about what’s happening in a world that they, too, … Continue reading We’re all in this together.

Update on the City Manager’s Revised Proposed FY 20-21 Budget

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to my colleagues outlining my top priorities for the budget, and have since spoken with several members, but I am most interested in hearing from you. After having heard from many members of the community and having done my own review and research, I have categorized my concerns … Continue reading Update on the City Manager’s Revised Proposed FY 20-21 Budget

2020 Campaign Kickoff!

Join me for my 2020 Re-Election Kickoff! As a small business owner, the wife of a Seatack Elementary teacher and mother of two, I've worked to bring a refreshing perspective balanced with an understanding of the challenges facing families. Four years ago at the age of 27, I became the youngest person ever elected in … Continue reading 2020 Campaign Kickoff!