Listening to Citizens

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City Council must reflect the residents that we have the privilege to represent. My primary goal is to truly be your representative. From conducting the first-ever “Midterm Report Card” halfway through my first term to pioneering “A Talk in the Park”, a brand new series of town halls – I strive to be transparent and accessible and to listen to your insight on issues facing our city.

  • Advocated for a new City Manager for over two years and now is leading the City in a more positive direction 
  • Conducted a Midterm Report Card halfway through my first term; asked for direct input from residents and published the results
  • Invites residents to directly participate in surveys
  • Explains key votes on social media and offers residents the opportunity to list their priorities before every City Council Retreat

As your representative, I have always appreciated your insight. Your opinion is the paramount guidance of every decision I’ve made on City Council. I am grateful for the opportunity to be your trusted voice, and I hope for the privilege to earn your support again this year.

Jessica’s “Midterm Report Card”, where citizens graded her performance halfway into her first term on City Council.

During my first term, my primary goal was to listen to your insight and to truly be your representative on City Council. I conducted the first-ever “Midterm Report Card” halfway through my first term. I asked for direct input from residents and then published the results. I facilitated several town halls and attended civic league meetings across the city. I pioneered a brand new series of town halls located at local parks called “A Talk in the Park”. We have a great community here in Virginia Beach, and I have strived to reflect our values as your representative.

Councilwoman Jessica Abbott listening to citizens during a “Talk in the Park” town hall series.

Explaining significant votes on social media has been a great way to collect your insight in guiding my decisions on City Council. I have conducted various surveys asking for your direct opinion about crucial issues facing Virginia Beach. Before each City Council Retreat, I ask for your top priorities, which allows me to navigate our discussions effectively. When there are openings for Board or Commission positions, I have shared the Talent Bank applications on social media.

I have worked hard to bring your City Council back to the people of Virginia Beach.

When the City budget proposed unnecessary tax and fee hikes, and we needed Councilmembers to hold the line in 2017, 2018, and 2019 – I listened to you, and I stood up.

When a prominent developer threatened to take his ball and go home if local elections didn’t go his way – I listened to you, and I stood up.

When our past City Manager’s inappropriate conduct could no longer be tolerated nor trustedI listened to you, and I stood up.

The future of this City needs a voice we can all count on – one that is engaging, inclusive, and transparent. I would be honored to earn your support for City Council on November 3. Please consider donating or volunteering to show your support.