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Flooding and Environment

Being a FEMA-certified flood insurance agent, I have firsthand knowledge of recurrent flooding. I am committed to accelerating funding for long-term flooding mitigation projects and drainage maintenance. I am dedicated to preserving open space and natural areas, and have sponsored ordinances and secured funding that limits pollution and protects wetlands. Read more here.

City Budget and Economic Growth

Virginia Beach must cultivate long-term business growth. We must attract high-paying jobs and maintain a low cost of living and a level economic playing field, and address the disparity in City contracts. When faced with unnecessary tax or fee increases, I co-sponsored alternate City budgets that responsibly funded priorities that reflect the economic realities of families. Read more here.

Education, Public Safety, Parks and Social Services

Virginia Beach is a great place to call home. As the wife of a Virginia Beach teacher and mother of two, I understand the importance of having excellent schools and safe neighborhoods. I voted to support our first responders. When our schools were facing a budget shortfall due to COVID-19, I restored millions in previously cut funding for schools. Read more here.


Our economic vitality depends on maintaining our infrastructure. Improving traffic flow and street design are priorities for safer vehicular transit, especially in neighborhoods. I support better connectivity with an upgraded network of sidewalks, trails, and bike access. Regional bus transportation needs to be more reliable and updated with technological advancements. Read more here.

Listening to Citizens

City Council must reflect the residents that we have the privilege to represent. My primary goal is to truly be your representative. From conducting the first-ever “Midterm Report Card” halfway through my first term to pioneering “A Talk in the Park”, a brand new series of town halls – I strive to be transparent, accessible, and listen to your insight on issues facing our city. Read more here.