Mail- In Voting and the 2020 General Election

Recently City Council received a briefing from the voter registrar’s office about the upcoming election and the plans to accommodate the new mail-in voting. For the first time ever in Virginia we will have no excuse absentee voting. Virginia's General Assembly has also recently passed measures that will create ballot drop boxes and set aside $2 million for prepaid postage on mail-in ballots. As of 08/18/20 there are 312,170 registered voters, of which approximately 40,000 have already requested an absentee ballot.

Watering, Weeding Wednesday at Seatack Elementary

Wednesdays are meant to be celebrated 🎉 #WateringWeedingWednesday ⁊@SeatackAADA⁩ #seatackdreamers ⁊@vbschools⁩ — marie t. culver (@marietculver) August 27, 2020 This school year is shaping to be very different. My husband is preparing to begin his 6th year of teaching at Seatack Elementary School virtually while our son will be entering kindergarten. We are experiencing … Continue reading Watering, Weeding Wednesday at Seatack Elementary

1st Meet & Eat Recap – Thank you so much!

Last night’s Meet & Eat was a huge success! I am so grateful to the amazing support of the Arrowhead - Carolanne Farm neighborhood for coming out and enjoying delicious food and conversation with me and my team!

Thalia Redevelopment Application Withdrawn

On Friday, Aug 14th, City Council received a letter from the applicant formally withdrawing their application for consideration. This letter sighted several reasons for the withdraw, specifically: “Given that the current district representative is unable to vote on this matter, we have not had a Council representative to help facilitate communication between the developer and the … Continue reading Thalia Redevelopment Application Withdrawn

Thalia Redevelopment Survey

Last week, the Planning Commission voted to support a Conditional Rezoning of the Thalia Wayside Village Shoppes. The applicant seeks a Conditional Rezoning of the subject property from the B-2 District Community Business District to Conditional B-4 Mixed-Use District to redevelop much of the site. The submitted proffered concept plan depicts the retention of the … Continue reading Thalia Redevelopment Survey

Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy

This month, City Council adopted the Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy into the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan. I have long been an advocate of a more comprehensive, long-term flooding mitigation plan for the city and I am excited that an overarching strategy has been formulated. Future flooding events will have wide-ranging impacts on our infrastructure, … Continue reading Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy

Convention & Visitors Bureau Task Force

This past Council meeting, we were briefed about the Convention & Visitors Bureau. In our Council retreat meeting in February earlier this year, we received an analysis for recommendations for the management of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, which included the establishment of a Community Task Force. The purpose of this group is to evaluate … Continue reading Convention & Visitors Bureau Task Force

Patrick Duhaney: New City Manager of Virginia Beach

City Council has just voted to appoint Patrick Duhaney as the next City Manager of Virginia Beach, effective July 20th. After our past city manager’s resignation, we as a City Council delved into several discussions about what we’d like to see in our next city manager - integrity, trustworthiness, and competence. We conducted a national … Continue reading Patrick Duhaney: New City Manager of Virginia Beach