Watering, Weeding Wednesday at Seatack Elementary

This school year is shaping to be very different. My husband is preparing to begin his 6th year of teaching at Seatack Elementary School virtually while our son will be entering kindergarten. We are experiencing all the same questions as many other Virginia Beach families. What will school look like for my five-year-old while learning to navigate a computer and be a part of a digital classroom? How will we manage our work-from-home schedule and be active in our child’s virtual learning? We all find ourselves in an unprecedented moment, and at times, it can feel impossible.

My family and I working on weeding one of the beds.

At Seatack Elementary School, Marie Culver, the gifted resource teacher, is doing an incredible job providing learning opportunities for the community. Throughout the summer, students get to come out and take responsibility for their school garden, breathe fresh air, and learn about the environment and how food grows. While pulling out weeds last night, we discussed some of the challenges facing parents across the country. Marie Culver remarked about the therapeutic benefits of caring for a community garden – and that is precisely what Weeding and Watering Wednesday offers every evening at Seatack Elementary School.

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When situations appear bleak, learning opportunities like this are proof of the extraordinary adaptability of our world. Students, parents, and teachers can volunteer their time while experiencing the life cycle, the ingenuity of plants and animals, and what it means to be a part of something special. Merely being in the orbit of children’s inquiry was refreshing. It reaffirmed the need for quality educational experiences that can happen anywhere where curiosity sparks.
I want to express my gratitude to teachers and school staff across our great city, like Marie Culver, who emphasizes strengthening our communities with their enthusiasm for education. She also offered some wise words that I think all of us need to remind ourselves from time to time – “We are resilient, and we will overcome.”


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