Convention & Visitors Bureau Task Force

IMG_1593046017151-bae4cb2e-46ee-4d36-8ec7-7be0657c364cThis past Council meeting, we were briefed about the Convention & Visitors Bureau. In our Council retreat meeting in February earlier this year, we received an analysis for recommendations for the management of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, which included the establishment of a Community Task Force. The purpose of this group is to evaluate three different options of transitioning the CVB to a new organizational structure; 1) remain within government, 2) Hybrid Public-Private Foundation or Authority, or 3) Public-Private Nonprofit.

Council was advised to appoint a task force, which is recommended to be composed of:

  • Two councilmembers

  • Resort Advisory Commission representative

  • Hotel Association representative

  • Restaurant Association representative

  • Atlantic Avenue Association representative

  • Central Business District Association representative

  • ViBe District representative

  • Three business representatives from other industry sectors

During the meeting, Councilman Moss brought up a concern about having sufficient representation from citizens outside of the tourism industry, and other councilmembers and I echoed the concern. The CVB markets our city as a whole, and when I’ve talked with some business owners who operate more inland, they tend to feel left out of these types of organizations. I believe we would greatly benefit from a more geographically diverse perspective to ensure that we truly represent the whole city, more than essentially just the oceanfront.

I am always appreciative of anyone willing to serve our community and do good work for the city. We need fresh perspectives and ideas across the board. This task force is an excellent opportunity for the city as we are creating something new, and I believe that reaching out to the community to participate will lead to a better outcome.

Based on our discussion, we will add three additional citizen members. If you are interested in serving on the CVB task force, please email me at

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