Dedicated Fund to Stormwater from Dome Project Revenue

This Tuesday, Council is voting on the Dome Project, but we are also voting on an ordinance I am sponsoring to dedicate Dome Project revenues to Stormwater improvements.Earlier this year, I voted against the term sheet for this project because as it was presented to Council, there was no discussion of it benefiting our battle against recurrent flooding. As the Virginian-Pilot reported this week, Virginia Beach needs an extra $20 million a year to shorten the time it takes to inspect and improve existing stormwater infrastructure throughout the city. Our needs currently exceed our funding in the City’s Stormwater Fund, and Council must do everything it can to better prepare our city for long-term flooding resilience.My ordinance states that if the Dome project passes a majority vote on November 19 and this ordinance is supported by Council, then a guaranteed 25% of revenues generated will go to fund Stormwater Improvements. Based on the preliminary estimates, the expected annual amount to be generated from the Dome project to the City’s General Fund is $2,816,508 with an additional $1,912,897 estimated for Schools. The TIP fund is financing the debt for the project.The inclusion of this ordinance would be a huge win for supporters of better flooding mitigation and I hope that regardless of one’s thoughts on the Dome project that we can agree on this more responsible allocation of revenue to show Council’s commitment to solving our Stormwater Infrastructure challenges. I hope to hear your insight on this item and that you can email Council your support this ordinance at or come to speak on the ordinance this Tuesday, November 19.

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