2018 Virginia Beach City Council Endorsements

Endorsement Palm Card Front

Virginia Beach is a great place to call home, but we need a better direction moving forward. The upcoming election is crucial to determining the direction of our city: we need to let our voice be heard loud and clear.

I urge Beach residents who also want better government to join me in supporting these candidates who have earned my trust and my support:

Bobby Dyer – Mayor

I support my colleague Bobby Dyer for Mayor of Virginia Beach! It’s been a privilege serving with Bobby and he truly cares about this great city and all of its citizens. Bobby co-sponsored our recent alternate budget proposal that prioritized funding a better solution to fixing flooding and public safety pay compression – with no tax or fee increases. He listens to the people of Virginia Beach and will continue serving our city with honor. He is far and away our best choice for Mayor and it is very important that we support his campaign. Please like and share his page and request a yard sign!

John Moss – At-Large

I support my colleague John Moss for one of the At-large seats on City Council! It’s been such a privilege serving with John. He is a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering source of virtue. His mayoral campaign in 2008 was the first campaign my now-husband and I worked on right out of high school and I’ve been a supporter of his ever since. It’s been such a rich learning experience serving with an advocate for the great people of Virginia Beach. His ability to inform the voters of Virginia Beach is unparalleled and in two short years I have learned so much from his experience. It is very important that we support his campaign. Please like and share his page and request a yard sign!

Aaron Rouse – At-Large

I support Aaron Rouse for one of the At-large seats! Aaron understands servant leadership and will be a great representative for understanding the needs of the people. Aaron will stand up for economic fairness, job growth, public safety, education and better solutions to fixing flooding. Please like and share his page and request a yard sign!

Louis Jones – Bayside

I support Louis Jones for the Bayside seat! The Bayside District and the Kempsville District are neighbors and a great working relationship is integral to not only the success of these two parts of the city, but also to City Council. Louis has gone out of his way to offer support to me in my first term. He is sincere in his love for the city and I admire his willingness to serve the great people of Virginia Beach.

Eric Wray – Centerville

I support Eric Wray for the Centerville seat! I’ve personally known Eric for many years and he will be an excellent addition to City Council. Eric will be a dedicated public servant committed to transparency and representing our priorities on Council. He is a small business owner and understands the obstacles facing our community and will promote job growth, public safety and flooding mitigation. Please like and share his page and request a yard sign!

Tim Worst – Princess Anne

I support Tim Worst for the Princess Anne seat! It’s important for City Council to reflect the needs of its citizens, and Tim is a down-to-earth person who will bring a sense of understanding the needs of regular people in Virginia Beach. Tim will be a solid supporter of a level economic playing field, public safety, education, job growth and funding better flooding solutions. Please like and share his page and request a yard sign!




Author: jessicapabbott

Jessica Abbott was born to two Gulf War Air Force veterans, is a small business owner and has been managing her family’s insurance business since 2008. She graduated from Kellam High School in 2007 and from the American College of Financial Services in 2015 with LUTCF and FSCP designations and is a FEMA-certified flood insurance agent. She has founded two nonprofit organizations for local women, one for teaching self-defense and the other as a networking group for other female entrepreneurs. She was elected to Virginia Beach City Council, and at 27, was the youngest-ever elected official in Virginia Beach and the first Millennial elected to public office in the area. She lives in Indian Lakes with her husband and two children. She serves on the Historic Kempsville CAC, the Elizabeth River Eastern Branch Board, the Process Improvements Board, Food Tuck Subcommittee, the Social Services Board and the Public Library Board. She justifies her votes on major issues on social media and helps keep citizens informed on her Council’s Facebook page https://business.facebook.com/jessicapabbottvb/.

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